– Episode 1891 –

Stressed Out: Your Battle Plan

Reading our Bibles should not be a labor or viewed as a burden.  It should instead be our delight.  Truly, the more you the word of God, the more you will desire the Him.  Find a time when we are least distracted, when we are clear headed, and use that time to read the Bible, but do not make it a task, or a burden.  What you gain from reading His word is God is at work in you, working out your sanctification for you.  God will not forsake you in your lows, but pull you through them.  God has given you everything you need; including freedom from anxiety.  As we read Gods word and see where we are in rebellion, we must realign ourselves to the Bible.  We must stand with Johnathan Edwards understanding that we are to “Be killing sin or it will be killing you”.

Segment 1 (0:00) – The goal of the Christian should not be to simply read a single verse of scripture and expect an immediate result.  The Christians life is the long process of sanctification, where we continually learn and grow in the Lord.  Do you want peace, joy and comfort?  Then do what the word says … how?  Looking at 7 steps we can take in order to get ourselves on the path of peace.  Step one: Reorient your thinking by casting your lot fully with Jesus.  Step two: Change your language.  Referenced verses: John 13:17, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14

Segment 2 (9:59) – We are not to read only, but apply the Bible to our lives.  If we find ourselves living wrongly; we run to the cross.  Continuing in 7 steps we can take in order to get ourselves on the path of peace: Step three: Repent.  Step four: mortify, mortify, mortify.  Step five: create your own plan.  Have you developed a plan?  What is your plan?  Does it involve daily reading of the Bible?  When was the last time you fed on the word of God?  Are you starving to death?

Segment 3 (18:11) – Continuing in 7 steps we can take in order to get ourselves on the path of peace: step six: prepare to persevere.  Step seven: start now!  Do not delay or make excuses for why it needs to be later.  Do not put off till tomorrow what you can start today.  Be prepared in your daily reading of scripture for highs and lows.  There may be days you find it hard, and others you can’t get enough.  Learn to lean on the Holy Spirit in your sanctification.  Do not grow weary or stop pushing forward.  Be prepared for the long slow process.  And as you read through scripture you will find your anxiety fading away, your eyes will refocus on God rather than the world.   Referenced verses: Philippians 2:12-13, Matthew 28:20, John 16:33