– Episode 1687 –

The Taliabo Story

Segment 1 (0:00) – Todd promotes his book “Jesus Unmasked,” defining and describing typology as “fuzzy pictures” of Christ in the Old Testament that foreshadow his clear reality in the New Testament.  Todd notes that New Tribes Mission employed an effective evangelism method with the Taliabo people that began in Genesis and progressed through the Bible, presenting God’s redemption story in full, providing context and setting the stage for Christ and his atoning sacrifice.  Todd introduces a clip from the classic missionary film “The Taliabo Story.”

Segment 2 (7:28) – Todd introduces and comments on clips from “The Taliabo Story,” underscoring how the missionaries’ method of presenting the whole biblical narrative ensures that the gospel will makes sense.  Should we not be doing the same in our Sunday Schools?

Segment 3 (15:06) – Further clips from “The Taliabo Story” are shown, with Todd suggesting the methods employed by the missionaries present an effective alternative to our modern methods of sharing the gospel.