– Episode 1910 –

Is It Time For You to Leave Your Church?

Is it time to leave your church?  There are things to consider before you make this decision; things like “Is it rare that you hear anything resembling the Gospel at your church?  Is the primary message man focused, or God focused?”  A lack of pastoral care would be another; are there allot of activities, yet little discipleship … little growth?  Understand, this is a big decision and there is allot on the line; nothing about it should be weighed lightly.  But if issues are present such as scripture used as a reference, more than foundation; it may be time to go.

Segment 1 (0:00) – When it comes to leaving a church; there are things to consider before you go.  Is the church not orthodox is a big one; are they failing to ascribe to essentials of the faith?  Is the reason for wanting to leave based not on heresy issues, but rather on your own “attractional” issues?

Segment 2 (9:36) – The art of … leaving the church.  Prior to deciding to leave a church we should examine ourselves carefully.  We have to be sure this not an issue where we are actually the one in the wrong.  That said, we must also consider that our families lives are on the line.

Segment 3 (20:21) – What is receiving the left foot of fellowship?  It is Church discipline.  You are in danger if you are not willing to join a church.  You are in truth separating yourself from Church discipline when you do not actually join.  If this is keeping you from joining a church we must understand that from work to home we practice some form of discipline.  With that in mind putting ourselves under it at church is to keep ourselves outside of the church.