– Episode 1896 –

Why Are We Touched by Hero Stories?

Why are you sad?  Why are you happy?  Emotions affect us deeply and when they take over it can be difficult to control them.  They can also bring about traits that we attempt to burry deep down.  Understanding why this is so and what they are connected to should bring about a renewed sense of how we are so deeply connected to God, the Bible and the Gospel.

Segment 1 (0:00) – Are all of our emotions connected to the Gospel?  Does our every action have a connection directly linked to God?  When we feel the way we do as we see things occur, there is more going on underneath the surface than we first realize.

Segment 2 (10:31) – There is a reason why we think the way we think and the way we feel the way we feel.  Digging into and exposing our emotions we see how we are tethered to life, and how God has given us a small part to play in His creation.  So with that in mind; why do we feel the way we feel?

Segment 3 (18:11) – Why are we continuing to expose our emotions in this episode?  We are looking into how they are so deeply rooted in the Gospel.  It is truly amazing how when these emotions surface we are able to so easily overlook prejudice, stereotypes and pre-conceived ideas.  As these emotions rise up from within us; they bring to the surface characteristics that may have been buried deep within us.  We begin to feel the pull of sympathy, kindness and forgiveness.