If It Makes You Happy | Wretched Episode 2915

If It Makes You Happy

We’ve all heard the phrase ” If it makes you happy, do it.” In this episode, “Baseball Kid” (BK) is studying to become an entrepreneur to live a fulfilling life. Todd attempts to get BK to think about his worldview and consider the flaws of “if it makes you happy, do it.”

Can We Know God

Then, BK cannot explain the Christian gospel, but he wants to believe that there is something “bigger” out there, like a god (or God.) As a result, Todd walks him through how we can intuitively know there is a creator. Next, Todd explains how God is communicative, and that He wrote the Bible to communicate to us. Because of this, the conversation turns to the question “How do we know that God wrote it?”

A Look Inside the Bible, a Look Inside Ourselves

After,  Todd explains how Isaiah describes Jesus in 700 B.C. The Bible foretells Jesus’ coming hundreds of years before His birth. Then he explains Easter, and how Christ’s disciples were never willing to recant that Jesus was resurrected. Todd asks BK about his sins, and if he would be considered guilty under the law of God.

The Conclusion for Baseball Kid

Finally Todd continues to explain the gospel to BK, explaining how Christ will replace your “wrap sheet” with His resume, and you will be seen as forgiven in the eyes of God. Todd asks BK what he’s going to do with this information.

More Resources

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