– Episode 1904 –

Two Theologians Battle Over the Presidential Election

When considering how to vote; what should a Christian look at, and how should they weigh the issues at hand?  Looking at the research of Wayne Grudem we see a good Biblical perspective as we enter into politics and world issues that affect the Christian.  Does it actually “stain” the character of a Christian to vote for someone who you see significant flaws in?

Segment 1 (0:00) – Should Christians place their hope in politics, or world events?  Deciding the best choice in how a Christian votes for major issues can be exhausting and difficult.  Are there issues involved when voting for a candidate that show poor morals?  If we agree “the most” with an unmoral candidate; should we still vote for them even though they are morally bankrupt?

Segment 2 (9:08) – Continuing our look at specific issues involving how we should break down voting for “the less of two evils” candidate.  We should consider that giving in to a morally flawed candidate may open the door to providing a window to further moral decline.

Segment 3 (18:02) – Viewing the split sides within Christianity when it comes to voting for people in office.  There is little mistake that we have no choice but to vote for flawed men.  However, when they unapologetically love their own sinfulness with no sign of regeneration; should we still vote for them … even if they claim to be a Christian?