Two Types of People Commit Suicide | Wretched TV Episode 2863

Sometimes when people are wanting to commit suicide, it’s either the external pressures or the internal pain of unrepentant sin. And it’s important for us to begin to understand that, because, as we’re working with people who are moving in those directions, we wanna try to figure out, Hey, tell me where you are in life. Tell me what is happening on the inside, tell me when you think about suicide, what’s going on with you? Tell me if you are experiencing the pressures and they seem to be too much, or is it something on the inside that you feel so embarrassed about, so ashamed of, so unwilling to deal with, but it is killing you on the inside, and the only thing you know to do to quiet your noisy soul is to take your life.

If you believe your external problems are too big for God, let me point you to the Red Sea. Let me point you to miracle after miracle in the Bible, not just the parting of a sea, hows about the CREATION of the sea? hows about God becoming flesh, the greatest miracle ever? Hows about Jesus raising people from the dead, causing the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, and you really believe that God is not powerful enough to help you with your problem? My friend, you need to believe that God is good, and he is able, and he is willing.


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