-Episode 2629-

Voddie Baucham: Church, Guns, God

Segment 1 (00:00) At the “G3” conference, Todd introduces Voddie Baucham, a theologian back from Zambia, Africa, who shares his perspective on the church in the US. He says technology is helpful (and hurtful) to the church, and the worst thing hurting the church is the LGTBQ movement. Todd asks him about when persecution is coming, Voddie makes the point that it is currently happening.

Segment 2 (07:28) Voddie mentions the church shooting in Texas where church members stopped the shooter with their own handguns. They both talk about persecution of the church, and the right to bear arms, in relation to the government. Todd says you should carry guns to protect your family, but Voddie says you should submit to the law.

Segment 3 (14:45) Todd asks Voddie about how to interpret certain bible verses on worship. Voddie displays excellent hermeneutics. He also talks on the Spirit, which is often misinterpreted.

Segment 4 (24:54) Voddie explains hermeneutics and context in relation to scripture, and how Jesus humbled himself for us.