Was Jesus A Leftist? | Wretched TV Episode 2866

Robin Schumacher poses the question, “Was Jesus a Leftist”? Todd answers that question explaining where Jesus lies on the political and social spectrum. The left uses Jesus as an example for their cause when in reality, their claim falls flat. This is discussed by Schumacher in their presentation by stating how diametrically opposed the two are when it ultimately boils down to Jesus’ love for God, and the lefts’ hatred towards God.

The fact of the matter is that the left wants nothing to do with God. The left is unbiblical. So the next time a liberal cause claims Christ, you want to stop and ask yourself, “Was Jesus really a leftist?” In the end, the Bible makes it clear that Jesus is not. He is a Biblicist, he came to serve, and to die for all. The left seeks to be served, while seated in power.

Liberalism in History

Let’s take a look at a historical view of liberalism, and the dangers it brings to our modern day. Throughout most points, we see a common theme of man having a high view of himself, looking down on God and scripture. Because of this mankind is inevitably divided, and ultimately dragged down to hell. Finally, it’s clear that we as Christians must hold to a higher view of God, and truth, rather than ourselves, just as Jesus did.

Liberalism has rapidly spread across the globe, infiltrating, infecting, and hurting the citizens of affected countries. For example, many failed states in Eastern Europe have suffered from the creed of the left. For this reason alone, hundreds of thousands of people are pouring into conservative congregations in search of something greater than just mankind, and because of that they have found Christ.


Consider supporting one of the many Tomorrow Clubs throughout eastern Europe, so kids growing up on the other side of the globe will hold to a high view of God, and a low view of man, just as Jesus does.