– Episode 1749 –

Whenever Something Hard Happens In a Christian’s Life, It Is Either Because God Is Disciplining You For Something or He Is Preparing You For Future Service

Christians need to remember that nothing ever happens in their life without God knowing about it and ordaining it to happen.  Whatever happens is for either teaching His children lesson or preparing them for future service.

Segment 1 (0:00) – Whenever something hard happens in a Christian’s life, it is either because God is disciplining you for something or he is preparing you for future service.  He is far more interested in our character than in our comfort.

Segment 2 (8:39) – God never causes sin, but he does permit sin.  Nothing happens without God ordaining it to happen.  Viewing God as if He’s the Red Cross is bad theology.  He lets everything happen for the Christian’s own good even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Segment 3 (17:52) – God is trying to make you grow in holiness by bringing hard things into your life.  It is all for your good.  All that happens will ultimately bring glory to God, regardless of what it is.