– Episode 1909 –

Why We Have Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Why are we such a broken and flawed people?  Why does my mind continually take me back to my sinfully nature even though I do not want to?  A Christian need is to study the process of salvation; understanding Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification; do you?

Segment 1 (0:00) – The fall of man did not simply cause Adam to fall, but all of mankind.  It was in this time that our thinking was corrupted.  The reason the world is the way that it now is can be traced back to the fall.  We are so twisted and perverted; there is nothing in us that desires God.  Referenced verses: Romans 1:28, Romans 12:2.

Segment 2 (10:55) – Take a look at another embarrassing effect of the fall.  Are you neglecting salvation?  Do you understand the phases within salvation?  Do you understand Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification?  These are vital to every believer; understanding these will help us to better understand what has happened, what should be happening within you, and what is to come.  Referenced verses: Colossians 4:2-18.

Segment 3 (18:55) – Your mind is not your brain?  Understanding this helps us to realign to God; seeing that we are not our brain but instead spiritual beings.  There is only one source that we can go to, and that is the Bible.  This brings us to stare at the one who can heal our broken thinking, our flawed emotions and a hopelessness while groping in the dark.