– Episode 2030 –

How to Witness to a Jew – Part 1

A Jewish man asks fellow Jews, “Who is Jesus?” The answers reveal a total lack of biblical knowledge as prophesy after prophecy in the Old Testament point to Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  The best way to witness to a Jewish friend is to point to the verses they are familiar with and show them how Jesus fulfilled the prophesies that pointed to the coming Messiah.

Segment 1 (0:00) – A Jewish man asks fellow Jews, “Who is Jesus?”  The answers reveal a lack of knowledge of the Scriptures.  Todd explores the Scriptures that prophecy of the coming messiah and Jesus’ fulfillment of them.

Segment 2 (11:23) – Todd continues to investigate the question, “Who is Jesus?”, by expounding on the Scriptures that testify of Him.

Segment 3 (19:20) – Prophesy after prophesy after prophesy in the Tanakh point to Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.