– Episode 1744 –

Youth Pastors and Their Ministries Are Supposed To Be Dignified

Contemporary youth ministries are failing at teaching the kids the gospel.  Rather than using the modern gross out games as icebreakers, the pastors need to change their ministries to include strong gospel teachings.  They need to prepare the kids for the real life, and start teaching them to behave as mature adults.

Segment 1 (0:00) – Youth pastors and their ministries are supposed to be dignified but there are many examples of where that is failing.  Icebreakers and gross out games are becoming common place for youth pastors and it is undignified and irreverent of the gospel.

Segment 2 (10:29) – Instead of preaching the truth, modern churches are resorting to appeasing to the lost by incorporating worldly attractions so that the lost will want to come to church.  They have lost a sense of what the church is for, and not delivering the gospel.  Rather than doing ridiculous icebreaker games, youth pastors need to be teaching the kids how to communicate like adults and prepare them for real life.

Segment 3 (21:21) – Contemporary youth ministry is a failure.  It does not teach the kids any foundational teachings that pertain to the gospel and only tends to having them fall away from the faith.