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We have a friend who thought he was a Christian who started listening to you and found out he had “come to Jesus” for all the wrong reasons. He got saved himself after listening! He’s been a growing, active member of our church!
– Audrea

I am from Kenya and I’ve been following you for a couple of months and I’m a huge fan. One of the greatest things I learned about myself from your daily show was that I was a false convert and I want to be in right relationship with God.
– Gloria

I’m very, very grateful to God for you and for your ministry. God has brought you into my life at the perfect time, and your daily companionship and wisdom has been life-saving and life-changing.
– Amy

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to God for yours and Ray Comfort’s ministries. God has used your ministries to really grow me in Christ. I also want to thank you for remaining faithful in preaching the true Gospel.
– Daniel

I just wanted to say, your content is amazing. To have all of it available at ease is helping me come closer to God. Thank you for everything you do.
– David

I’m so thankful for your ministry. Really, I have no idea where my Christian walk would be without having been taught through the Scriptures for many years. Through Wretched, I found a solid church that disciples my sweeties and me.

Excellent. I have grown in my walk with Christ since listening to Todd. My faith has been strengthened and my witness is bolder. Thank you Lord for Wretched!
– David

I cannot say enough about how Wretched has blessed me in growing in my faith through the years. Thank you for what you guys do!
– Jason

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