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Why Hell is Reasonable

Episode #2721
Did you know that the existence of eternal torment in Hell actually glorifies God? In today’s episode, Todd gives examples of how even a place like Hell always points back to Christ and how it is reasonable to believe this truth.


      WR2020-0924 •It’s all the rage – books! Or a particular book. “Live Not By Lies” by Rod Dreher •Tim Challies has reviewed the book and asks “Is soft totalitarianism coming to America?” “The only we learn from history is...


      WR2020-0923 •Witness Wednesday at Georgia Tech: •Todd vs Tai Chi •Uh oh. The police are stepping in! •Todd got kicked out! Who can he find at the bus stop. •How many busses will this guy miss to hear the Gospel? •Does this former episcopalian think he is a good...

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