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Sorry, We Don’t Feel the Presence of God

-Episode 2702- Is it Biblical to pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit? Does it matter where or with whom you partake in communion? How should Christians respond to the gender pronoun debate? Is it Biblical to call my wife “a good wife”? Todd digs into the mailbag to answer your...


      WR2020-0529 •Was yesterday’s show helpful? •Parents of college students are waiting for Road Trip to Truth •Can women host a podcast? •Should I thank God in advance for healing? •Gender roles and intersex individuals •The new terminology to destigmatize...


      WR2020-0528 •The weightiness of the Glory of God •How do you glorify God? Don’t reduce it to a checklist •Your emails •Obligation and spiritual fatigue •What order do I read the Bible in? •What is the right apologetics approach •Should I spend money if the...

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