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Is Boredom a Sin?

Episode #2717 Is boredom a sin? What does the word “spirit” mean in John 4? Is it wrong for women to serve communion? These questions and more are answered in today’s mailbag episode. If you have a question, comment, conundrum or snark that you’d like featured in the show...

The World Is This Cruel

Episode #2716
In today’s episode, Todd finishes digging into our new resource “13 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide and 13 Reasons Why You Should Live” Topics include abortion, abandonment and abuse, social media, and loneliness.


      WR2020-0918 •Is Jesus sleeping? Porter’s Gate seems to think so. •This is a sloppy use of the Bible to make a point. •Can a Christian vote for someone who has committed to increase funding for abortion? •Is it ok to attend a church that condones...


      WR2020-0917 •A word of encouragement from the “peaceful protests” •There’s something that motivates each of these riots. •Consider the crowds in the Bible. •Are we really on the right side of history? •”Not all progress is equal.”...

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