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Responding to the Problem of Evil

-Episode 2700-
Atheists love to throw around the argument of why a good God would allow evil in the world. In today’s Witness Wednesday episode, Todd brings back some open-air preaching and shows us how he responded to the issue of evil.

The Most Comforting Book of the Bible

-Episode 2699- We should be reading God’s Word so that we can know Him, be conformed into His image, be convicted of sin, and receive His comfort. In today’s episode, Todd, with the help of Voddie Baucham, shows us how the book of Revelation is a great book to read for all four of those...


      WR2020-0527 •Witness Wednesday on the college campus •Tash just doesn’t care about religion •Payton sees design in computers but not in nature •Tiernan the Irish Catholic was told by a priest to become an agnostic Download Now (right click and save)...


      WR2020-0526 •Churches are open, or closed, or open, or closed •Should churches defy government orders? •One Harvard atheist thinks Christians only care about the next life •Some doctors are seeing more suicides than COVID deaths •Another Christian celebrity...

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