As The World Slides

Wretched Radio | Air Date: September 20, 2021


As The World Slides

Marriage, the ELCA, and more

In this podcast, look with us at marriage, the ELCA, the Ark, and more. Consider what marriage is and what it is not. Hear from us about some helpful resources on the subject.

Get updated on current events from a theological perspective. For example, hear how the ELCA has appointed their first transgender bishop. This transgender bishop will be over 200 congregations. Also, get our take on Bill Maher recently scolding an AOC tweet.

The Ark and Social Media

Next, explore some news about the Ark and the Creation Museum. After, we’ll talk about China. China is limiting children 18 and under to 40 minutes of social media time per day.

After, let’s talk about marriage. Marriage is not celebrated enough today. It is not easy to get to 50 years of marriage.

“If you don’t have a plan, you can plan for failure.”  -Tedd Tripp

China Bans Sissy Men

Speaking of China.. they are banning “sissy men.” Does banning these type of people’s behavior change their heart? The devil doesn’t care what type of person you are, as long as you hate Jesus.

Good News From Covid

After, hear some good news from covid – Two-Million mothers quit their jobs in the last year to stay home with their kids. On the other hand, people are lacking purpose. They do not understand how the world works. We ask the question: What are the principles that guide the world? If women burn the candle at both ends it can show up as anxiety. Sadly, today the attitude toward stay-at-home moms is low.

How Do You Respond to a Mandated Vaccine

In our final segment we answer the question, “How do you respond to a mandated vaccine?” Not only this, we provide a couple of resources for your consideration. The Alliance Defending Freedom has information for you. You must tie a religious exemption to something theological. You can cite Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act. If you’re going to enact a religious exception – make it religious. It’s not enough to make it scientific, health or a political. Make it a sincere religious exemption.

According to ADF it is inappropriate for your employer to demand documents. Be prepared for your responses. From a management/leadership website..

A business must honor a religious exemption as long as it’s not disruptive.

This website offers help to “spot a phony”

1. Know your employees.

2. Familiarize yourself with the canned forms available on the internet.

3. Ask employees to provide a written narrative.

In the finale, are you ready for a spiritual examination? Walk with us through a 10 point spiritual test from Paul Tautges.

To finish the episode, discuss with us the issue of a sound biblical worldview. Most adult US Christians don’t believe in the Holy Spirit. 6% of Americans actually hold a biblical worldview.

Finally,Todd’s writing a new book. Hear about here.


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