Beating the Romans 13 Horse to Death!

Wretched Radio | Air Date: September 16, 2021

Romans 13
Join us this episode as we look at what the Scriptures teach on submitting to the government.
Then, hear RC Sproul’s take on Romans 13.
This episode we discuss how the principles we harvest from Romans 13 can be applied to contemporary issues like the vaccine, but also historic issues such as the American Revolution.
See also how submitting to the government is a form of worship.
Should we bend over backwards in submission to the government? Our view: unless the civil authority commands you to or forbids you from doing something in contradiction of scripture. Find out why this episode.
Next, consider with us how God allows wicked government to rule in order to further His kingdom
Look at the government as it is define from the Bible with us. See how the government acts as a force. Hear how this force exists to restrain evil for the protection of the human race.
In today episode, get a historical prospective from St. Augustine. Specifically, observe how he taught that Government is a necessary evil because it protects the innocent and weak from the evil of anarchy.
 Hear or case on  how individual Christians should act as citizens rather than representatives of the Church.
Hear the biblical perspective on the 3 realms of authority instituted by God: Government, Church, Family.
Government has authority concerning physical things.
Church and family have authority over spiritual things.
Finally, enjoy Steve Lawson speaking on 1 Peter 2.
Conclude with us as we see from the Bible that God doesn’t want a revolution, He wants a reformation.

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