How to Respond to a Tyrannical Government

Wretched Radio | Air Date: October 5, 2021


Segment 1

 It’s here.. It’s here.. On-Time. Road Trip To Truth, Season 2 is here. Let’s take a listen to Episode 3 – World Religions.

Segment 2 

Do all roads lead to God? It’s likely you’re children have been effected by post-modernism.

Segment 3 

How much news do you expose yourself to? Headline – Lousiana’s largest health system are now fining employees whose spouse isn’t vaccinated. Headline – A Canadian Pastor, who recently sent authorities away, has been fined and arrested. His wife was notified of his arrest by reporters.

Segment 4 

What do you do if the government comes after you? If we believe government cohersion is making you sin, what can you do? Voddie Bauchum gives us insight.

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