Should We Always Give to Beggars?

Wretched Radio | Air Date: September 23, 2021


In segment one, get insight in Matthew 5:42. Should we always give to beggars?

Then, Jimmy asks how to go about witnessing in a small, conservative village.

Next, How do we know what’s ok to share publicly to help others or have others pray for us?
Also from Tim, “Should a pastor ever share with his wife what is going on with members in the church?”

Finally, get answers to a few more questions such as: Can you explain the role repentance plays in salvation? At what point does a desire become sinful? Like desiring a wife, food, a newer car, things like that.
Could the devil’s sins be forgiven like ours if he asked? Did Adam and Eve experience physical pain like, stubbing a toe, before the fall?

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