"If I face God on Judgment Day, I will tell Him to go to hell." Those are the shocking words from Dan Barker, president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Here is the punch line. For 17 years, Dan Barker was an evangelical pastor.

The Case for Atheism will not only teach you how to debate but it will teach you:

1. How someone go from being a Jesus lover to a Jesus hater.

2. How to witness to an intellectual without being intimidated.

3. How to defend your Christian faith when confronted with atheist arguments.

You do NOT need to know every apologetic argument. You do NOT need to know everything about evolution. You do NOT need to know everything about religious history. But you do need to know how to wield the two weapons that God has provided us.

After watching this video, you will know how to use this artillery so you can witness to ANYONE. And most important, you will never be responsible for creating another bitter backslider like Dan Barker.

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