What Does God Say About Debt? | Wretched TV Episode 2896

What should a Christian think about national debt and personal debt? This and more contemporary issues are addressed in Wretched Worldview. This resource employs a 7-step process for developing a biblical position on a given topic:

  • 1. Pre-understandings
  • 2. Explicit Bible Verses
  • 3. Implicit Bible Versest
  • 4. The Gospel
  • 5. Historic Christian Position
  • 6. Personal Testimony
  • 7 Common Objections


Money does not have to be “filthy.” Money is neutral on the moral scale. It’s what we do with it/how we think about it that matters.

Wretched Surprise!

Watch the entire episode to find out how we as Christians contribute to our salvation according to Jonathan Edwards.


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