Will We Know Everything in Heaven? | Wretched TV Episode 2667

If you have some questions, comments, conundrums, snarks, please send them to idea@wretched.org. From Aimee, Hannah’s mom:

“My six year old daughter Hannah has a question for you. Will we know everything when we are in heaven?”

Does the Bible give us details about our activities, or what our new bodies will be like in heaven? It does not. But we can use some sanctified imagination to figure out what we are going to be doing there and what we’re going to be like; let’s start with studying the attributes of God.

God has two types of attributes, He has incommunicable and communicable attributes.

Incommunicable attributes, that we don’t get that like omnipresence – but we do get some of his attributes communicated to us, but never in their totality. For instance, we can do stuff, we can build stuff, but we’re not omni-potent. We also get some of his knowledge, some of his science, but on this planet, we do not get omni-science; we don’t get to know everything here, we just get a little bit communicated to us. But that begs the question: What about in heaven?

There is no reason to think that we’re going to become divine mini-gods. We will get perfect bodies, but that does not mean divine bodies. First Corinthians 15 informs us that we’re going to get a body that’s built to last forever, and this is where some of the confusion comes in.

We think that in heaven, everything is going to be perfect – and it is, but we have to understand that perfection doesn’t mean that we get everything that God has. In Heaven, we will have perfect bodies; It doesn’t mean that we’re going to have attributes that are completely perfected like God, that would make us God.


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