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Mailbag. Is it biblical for your faith to be driven by physical evidence? Is it okay for a believing married couple to take birth control? Why did Jesus say, “stop making my Father’s house a place of business?” How can I know my...



      WR2021-0304 Dr. Seuss has been canceled by themselves. Was he really a racist? How do we live in a world without objective morals? Are we going to see more compromising soon? How is your evangelism going? Download...



      WR2021-0303 Witness Wednesday at Georgia Tech: Jeremy isn’t sure what is more important than God, but there must be something. Did this kid’s hair turn blue from drinking the Dawkins kool-aid? Download...



      WR2021-0302 As the world turns…into an insane asylum. The whole country is lost. What are your thoughts on paying stay at home moms? Mr. Potato Head is now just Potato Head. California is letting three men adopt a...



      WR2021-0301 We’re now living in a post reality world. The Equality Act actually strips away religious freedom. Are you a member of a local church. Bill Maher recently spoke some common sense. The cancel culture is...



      WR2021-0226 Todd answers mailbag questions you’ve sent in at Mailbag. Why does mankind pay for the sin of Adam? How should we reach the youth of today? Can Christians have doomsday...



      WR2021-0225 Why is Todd’s face on fire? Was Jesus a leftist? It seems Coca-Cola has become “Woka-Cola” Disney has now CRT’d The Muppets! What will the SBC do about CRT? Download Now (right click and save)...



      WR2021-0224 Witness Wednesday at Georgia Tech: School’s out for summer Are you good, bad or ugly? Hint; you’re bad. A not so perfect liberal Catholic. Todd gets take-two with one student. Download Now...



      WR2021-0223 Are we customizing the Gospel to our culture? Paul Washer warns against that. Are you leaning on yourself? One more tragedy of CRT. Have we taken our eyes off what Jesus wants for His bride? Download...



      WR2021-0222 CRT is canceling Shakespeare and the opera? CRT is not only bad for the world, but also for the church. How is the world turning? Are we thinking Godly about these things? Now, let’s practice what Todd...