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These days it seems like computers are getting a lot smarter, but are they capable of having emotions or even having a soul? 

Wretched Radio | Air Date: June 28, 2022

Segment 1

Is it time to distrust your pastor?

No doubt you’re seeing increasing scandals involving pastors and it’s caused you to wonder if you should distrust your pastor.

When To Distrust Your Pastor: Nine Warning Signs

1. If a pastor is isolated. That doesn’t mean he is a wolf, but you should have a concern.

2. An unaccountable man.

3. If a pastor is defensive. Beware of a pastor who cannot receive critique.

4. If a pastor is entitled. A pastor should desire a system of checks and balances.

5. Greedy. Pastors who mimic Jesus will be generous with their resources ands time.

6. If a pastor is controlling.

7. A calloused man. How does he talk about sin? Does he joke about it?

8. A tribal fellow. Does he blindly protect his tribe?

9. An unbalanced gospel.

Segment 2

Have you noticed all the new movies making the superheroes gods?

Which article is most shocking?

1. A lot of women concerned about the ending of Roe v Wade, I would celebrate it.

2. Baptist Union to consider allowing ministers to marry same-sex members.

3. The myth of the good guy with a gun has religious roots.

4. Republican lawmakers introduce bill to allow parents to sue doctors that perform sex change operations on minors.

5. Google guy states AI program has a soul.

Segment 3

TikTok shouldn’t scare us.

Computers at some point will be empowered to make moral decisions, but that shouldn’t scare us.

If an AI has the ability to spew out all the information ever, including feelings, it still doesn’t feel it.

Computers are machines, not spirits.

Don’t be fearful of these things. They’re not going to kick God off of His throne.

Segment 4

40 Random Pieces of Advice for the Christian Life – Tim Challies

1. Be appropriately skeptical about new movements.

2. One of the best way to show love to your friends is to show love to your friends’ children.

3. In your personal devotions try listening to the Bible if you typically read it.

4. Be appropriately romantic with your spouse in the presence of your children.

5. Expect to be sinned against, especially by people who love you.

6. Be sparing in criticisms of the local church especially in the presence of your kids.

7. Distinguish in reading the Bible for depth and breadth.

8. It is a wise habit to pray for you children with your children.

9. Relational problem solving is best done face-to-face.

10. It is good to train children to work.

11. Occasionally ask yourself, “if I were Satan how would I tempt me?”


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