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God’s name is being blasphemed in this viral trend of “Holy Spirit activation”. This and more Church news today on Wretched!
Wretched Radio | Air Date: March 24, 2022

Segment 1

The nominee for Supreme Court claims she cannot describe what a woman is.

Our culture is in dire need of the Gospel.

There are 350,000 Protestant Churches in the country. Where is the power of the Church? Where have we been spending our energy? How much time a day are you spending consuming news?

New poll finds most Americans aren’t attending church.

If culture is collapsing, remember it is downstream from the Church.

54% profess belief as described in the Bible. Twenty years ago that stat was 86%. 30% of US adults claim they attend service weekly.

We are seeing the fruits of a non-evangelized society.

How many churches invade secular university campuses?

91% claim they’re moral because they follow the golden rule.

Segment 2

Do you need to reconsider your priorities?

People need direction and we have it.

Why is biblical counseling so powerful?

What is your thing?

Our focus must be preaching the Gospel.

Portland’s Children’s Hospital is horrible. Teaching kids sexual things.

The new Supreme Court nominee has been very lenient on pedophiles.

How can we be obedient with our time?

Segment 3

Family Feud guests activates the Holy Spirit.

When a church or movement primarily focuses on the gifts of the Spirit, they are way off the mark.

So much of evangelicalism is starting to smell liberal.

Todd met Steve Harvey in a bathroom one time.

Holy Spirit activation should be something that troubles us.

A number of surveys find most people are not attending church or reading the Bible.

Why are Americans leaving the church?

1 in 3 Christians dropped out of church during covid.

Americans less inclined to view church membership as imperative part of life.

Segment 4

Thanks for a really horrific article Tim Challies.

“Are you Godly Enough to Watch Smut?”

Why are so many evangelicals celebrating watching explicit content?

The trend is to claim you can handle it, and if you cannot, you are not spiritually mature enough.

We should return to a reformer’s hermeneutic.

Christians seem to take sin and turn them into liberty issues.

We’re in a disappointing time where the unwillingness to watch porn is considered spiritual immaturity.

If you have been struggling to read your Bible, read the entire New Testament and mark connections between godly living and the Gospel.

TikTok has become a dangerous breeding ground for mental disorders, according to an article.

Kids are consuming garbage on social media and transforming their lives to look like it.

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