The tone of Jesus’ voice

Wretched Radio | Air Date: November 5, 2021

It’s a Mailbag episode! Todd answers questions you’ve sent in at idea@wretched.org

  • – Do you think being in the military is not good for a Christian?
  • – From Ryan: I have heard many sermons/messages referencing false teachers and heretics. What do we do with all their books? Burn them? Keep them?
  • – From Cole: Is it sinful for a women to be the breadwinner? Does that signify a lack of leadership for the husband/father.
  • – From Anonymous – Is it bad to watch movies portraying Jesus like the “Passion of the Christ” or is it blasphemy?
  • – From Mina: My husband and I don’t quite understand what people mean when they talk about feeling the Holy Spirit or having a relationship with Jesus.

Stay tuned for our last segment to listen to this audio presentation from the Matthew Visual Bible! (Matthew 23)

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