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Some Christians have a simple faith and some Christians have a faith more complex. Does that make one believer better than the other?

Wretched Radio | Air Date: May 10, 2022

Segment 1

When pain… feels good?

Statistics over a one year people should 1 in 4, 12-16 year olds have considered self-harm. These numbers should help us be a little more tender toward teenagers.

Trauma is likely involved for self injurers.

Self-harm provides relief from pain to the person who self injures themselves.

The 8 I’s of Biblical Counseling: Interpretation, Investigation, Inspiration

Possible reasons for self-injury:

1. I am guilty and must be punished.

2. I am not perfect.

3. They’re right, I do deserve this.

4. I’m angry.

5. I feel out of control.

The self injurer is screaming for help.

What self abuse is really saying? How is self-injury about God?

Who is the only doctor that can offer you the correct cure?

1. Do you want to change?

2. Allow other in

3. Grow in honestly

4. Feed yourself with scripture.

5. Write out the meaning and purpose of your self injury.

Segment 2

Most likely the subject of self harm is a mystery to you.

Do you know you can engage students with this subject at a university campus.

Students will talk to you. People are hurting.

People are hurting so badly that self harm provides relief. Self injury can become an addiction.

Hope and Help for Self Injurers by Mark Shaw

1. Recognize harming your body is a sin.

2. Renew your mind.

3. Put on replacement behaviors that glorify God.

Segment 3

Mark Shaw’s book Hope and Help for Self Injurers.

4. Cry out to the Lord in prayer.

5. Read your Bible.

6. Memorize Bible verses.

7. Attend Church.

8. Meet with a Biblical counselor.

9. Sing biblically sound songs.

10. Do you have a sin plan?

11. Now that you know God’s mercy you are free to consider how you have sinned against others.

12. Now that you love others more, show it.

13. Attend a church that worships Jesus.

14. Pattern your personal reflections around the Psalms.

Segment 4

Have you visited Tim Challies website lately?

Tim Challies writing has always been helpful, but they are becoming increasingly more helpful.

Some have simple faith and some have a faith more complex.

Some will never have doubts about God’s Word says. Some will be consumed with being critical.

It’s not necessarily a sign of immaturity. People with complex faith are prone to see apathy in those with a more simple faith.

Consider a woman who has a complex faith who wrestles with scripture and struggles with her husband’s more simple faith.

To the wife, her husband can look less spiritual. The husband can grow weary with his wife and find her obsessive.


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