Can You Lose The Holy Spirit? | Wretched TV Episode 2902

In this episode, Todd pulls from the mailbag to answer the questions that have been pressing on you. Can you lose the Holy Spirit? As Christians can we pray for our deaths? Should our faith be based on physical evidence? What does God think about birth control? This and more in this mailbag episode.

Is it Wrong to Pray for Death?

Some Christians pray to the Lord for their death. Is that okay? Todd pulls from the mailbag in this episode to answer the questions that have been pressing on you. Silas writes in asking, “is it ok for Christians to ask the Lord to bring us home sooner?” Todd answers with some wisdom, and some nuances to help us evaluate ourselves if and when we are praying that prayer. Some acknowledgements are made, such as recognizing that wanting to be with the Lord is not a sin, but you must be careful that it isn’t a selfish request, or that you are trying to put your life into your own hands.

Is Birth Control Biblical?

Next, Stephen inquires on the biblical stance for birth control. Todd argues that it is ok, and that we are not necessarily commanded to have children. One of the larger points Todd identifies here is that if one refrains from having children, it is so he/she can serve Christ more, as opposed to serving selfish ambitions.

Praying for the Impossible

Rebecca asks how to pray in faith for something you know will never happen (in Rebecca’s case, she is praying for the overturning of Roe v Wade). Todd explains that God has done “impossible” things many times. We see in this episode that we can be comforted because nothing is too difficult for God.

Faith, In What?

Todd answers Simon as well ,who wonders if it is ok for your faith in Jesus to be driven by physical evidence. Todd teaches that while physical signs are good, we have all that we need in the scripture. Stewart asks why Christians need to ask the Holy Spirit in to our heart multiple times, to which Todd responds “you don’t.” God is infinite, so there is no “more” or “less” of God that we can have in us.

Will the Holy Spirit Give Up On Me?

In the third segment of this episode, Todd takes to discussing pneumatology, the study of the Holy Spirit. Here, Todd looks at events of Pentecost. Sara, whom Todd is answering, struggles to understand what it means to grieve the Holy Spirit. Reassurance is given that nothing that we do can make God “dislike” us. Grieving the Holy Spirit is largely analogous to how parents feel when their kids make mistakes. There is not a lack of love present, even when the Holy Spirit is grieved by us.

Fire From Phil

Finally, enjoy a look at an excerpt from Phil Johnson ‘s sermon “God’s Word Must Change Our Hearts.” Excerpt from Face to Face, Thanksgiving section (John 1:16-17, John 1:29).

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