Can Your Kids Do Better Than This? | Wretched TV Episode 2890

In this episode of Wretched TV, we meet Chad, a professing Christian and a student of computer science and Todd asked him questions like:

  • What is our purpose in this life?
  • Why should I become a Christian?
  • Would you be willing to die for your Christian faith?
  • What is the Gospel message?
  • Do you believe Hell exists?
  • And many more!


Witnessing doesn’t have to be scary. Just start the conversation and the rest will take care of itself. Evangelize and spread the good news of Jesus Christ!


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Wretched Worldview will give you the tools to construct a Biblical worldview on twenty-two thorny contemporary issues like Capitalism vs. Socialism, Women in the Military, Global Warming, Eugenics, Guns, Stay-at-home moms, and more!


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