Escaping Society | Episode 2907

Mailbag Friday Commences

In this week’s mailbag episode, join Todd as he provides answers to your questions. Can Christians be tasked with escaping society? Does God predestine everything? Are horror movies okay? This and more in this week’s episode.

Predestination? Free will?

The first inquiry which is looked at is “Did God predestine everything about me?” Todd’s answer: Yes. Still, that does not mean that you are free from responsibility or that you lack free will. Enjoy how Todd discusses God’s omniscient, meaning that He knows everything we’ll ever do, but contrasts that with how that does not mean we have no free will.

Denying Christ

Next, Todd responds to the query, “What happens if a Christian denies Christ under torture?” Todd’s expounds upon the notion that we must be gentle with that person, because it is possible that they did not genuinely disavow the Lord, but succumbed to fear.

How About Horror Movies?

This episode also gives ear to the question, “Is it okay to watch horror movies?” Here, Todd gives an analysis providing wisdom and encouraging us to look at the value of each film. He encourages us to engage material which edifies us and glorifies God. Todd also warns against material that is counter to God.

Hating Murderers

After, we look at whether or not it is okay to hate those  who murder babies. Did God ever hate an individual? Todd, acknowledges that while God did hate people (Esau), He also loved them at the same time. He encourages us to do the same and never solely hate someone.

Escaping Society

One letter seeks to know, “Is it wrong to want to create a Christian commune?” The answer depends on your motivations. Todd teaches that it is ok to want to be together with Christians, but we are called to be “in” the World. It is not a Christian aim to be escaping society. Rather, we should be finding our community in the local church, and not escaping society altogether.

Kneeling During the Anthem

We also look at the inquiry “Should Christians be concerned with kneeling during the national anthem?” Todd believes that as Christians, we are ambassadors of Christ. As ambassadors, we should not strive to do things that openly offend others, such as kneeling during the anthem.

Hobbies, are they good or bad?

Finally, “Are hobbies sinful?” Todd provides a paradigm for us to consider each of our hobbies through. Are your hobbies sinful? Do they take up too much time? All of this and more on this episode of Wretched.

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