Finding a Better Way to Talk About Race | WRETCHED TV Episode 2958

Segment 1:

Kevin DeYoung discusses CRT and the need for Christians to talk about race in a better way.

“I refuse to believe that talking about racial matters in a thoughtful…careful way makes one a compromised squish.”

“I disagree with CRT’s aggressive color-consciousness… and it’s insistence that racism is pervasive/at the center of everything.”

Segment 2:

Let’s show ourselves as Christians to be more logically rigorous and definitionally more precise than the world.

Segment 3:

Might we be able to acknowledge that systemic injustice can exist?

Can we also acknowledge personal choices and cultural factors almost always play a role into shaping who are are?

Not every disparity is a result of discrimination nor can personal responsibility right every wrong.

Segment 4:

Enjoy a sermon from Mike Fabarez.


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