Reincarnation Vs. Christianity | WRETCHED TV Episode 2920

Segment 1

In this Witness Wednesday, meet Erin and consider Christianity vs. reincarnation. Erin is a sociology student who has a post-modern leanings while also claiming to be a Christian.

Segment 2

Next, Todd asks Erin where the bench they are on comes from. Erin explains how workers made it. Todd uses this opportunity to discuss the necessity of a designer for every design.

Segment 3

After, Erin tells a story of how she almost died when she was 10 years old.Also,  Todd asks Erin if she is for certain born again, and she is conflicted because she believes that she’s strayed from God now. She describes it as a “push-and-pull relationship.”

Segment 4

Finally, Todd asks Erin the definition of Justification and Sanctification. Todd explains the concept of Justification and Sanctification to Erin.


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