Sowing And Reaping Is Not Carnal | Wretched TV Episode 2886

Christianity does not teach karma. Instead, we see God’s sovereign hand over everything. What we do can impact the world, but only in so far as God’s sovereignty allows and ordains. Paul introduces the concept of sowing and reaping in 2nd Corinthians. If we spend our money on things that are heavenly-minded, we will have a heavenly reaping.

Galatians 6 talks about sowing and reaping to the flesh. When we sow to the flesh, we are feeding that yet-glorified part of ourselves. Our flesh craves sinful things, and when we pursue those desires, we will reap a bad harvest. John MacArthur says that to sow is simply to pander to the flesh. Galatians 6 has a stern warning, that if we are sowing in the flesh, we cannot expect to be progressing in sanctification. John MacArthur says some Christians sow to the flesh every day, and wonder why they don’t reap a harvest of holiness or usefulness. If we want to be holier, we would do well to get a handle on God’s principle of sowing and reaping.

When you plant to the spirit, you will reap a spiritual harvest. When you face your Lord one day, and He says “well done, good and faithful servant”, you will enjoy eternal rewards forever, and you will be so glad you stopped sowing to the flesh, and sowed to the spirit.

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