Witnessing To A Bruised Reed | Episode 2905

Join us in this Witness Wednesday. In this episode, Todd is witnessing to Moira, a woman who had dealt with open air preachers who were cruel and vindictive. Moira has issues with Christians who believe that nonbelievers are “lesser” and subjugate them. She uses the term “aggressively evangelize.”

Observe how Todd¬† goes into witnessing and explaining the resurrection of Christ and the Gospel to her. Moira considers herself Agnostic. She is a “seeing is believing” kind of person. More specifically, Moira believes that the world has no design, and was formed through evolution.

In the second half of the video, Todd asks Moira about the significance of Easter as he explains the Gospel further. Moria is asked if she is a sinner, and she is not sure how to define sin. This episode models and encourages us to be gentle with someone who has dealt with a “Bible-bashing preacher.”

Finally, Todd dives into Matthew 25, as well as Acts 16-19 and examines how they relate to open-air preaching. He concludes that we need to preach powerfully and yet gently and lowly. We should strive to be both in our witness.

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