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Harrowing Stories of Open-Air Preachers

Episode #2827 Is it wrong to include non-believers when saying grace before a meal? Should all Christians do open-air preaching or is this reserved only for some Christians? Todd also reads some quotes from Charles Spurgeon regarding persecution that open-air preachers were facing in the 19th...

Why the Early Church was Persecuted

Episode #2826
In today’s episode, Todd goes back to Old Testament times to show us how persecution was just as evident then as it is now and how we can learn how to respond to persecution from the many historical accounts in the Bible.

This Could Be Your Kid

Episode #2825 In today’s Witness Wednesday episode, we continue our discussion with Steven, a student who grew up a Baptist, but has forsaken the faith and no longer believes in God. Todd stresses the importance of sharing the Gospel with our children continuously so that they never forget...

How Does the Holy Spirit Work in Us?

Episode #2824
In today’s episode, Todd discusses the Doctrine of Illumination and how it relates to the Holy Spirit’s role in helping us rightly interpret Scripture.

Are You Worried About The Future Of Our Nation?

Episode #2823
Are you anxious or worried about what’s going on in our nation? In today’s episode, Todd encourages us to not worry about the coming persecution of the church. This was foretold in Scripture, and Jesus will never leave us or forsake us.

Married to Someone Who Claims to be Saved

Episode #2822 Should I treat my unsaved spouse that thinks they’re saved like a believer or a non-believer? How do we preach the Gospel to people with disabilities? Is playing poker for money a sin or does it fall under Christian liberty? Is there a specific age range where we should...

How To Live In A Crooked and Perverse Generation

Episode #2821
In today’s episode, Todd reminds us that we have always lived in a crooked and perverse generation and that we are still called to “live strangely” and be set apart from the ways of the world. In other words, quit complaining and trust in the Lord!

Are You Sure Your Child Knows The Gospel?

Episode #2820 In today’s Witness Wednesday episode, we meet Steven, a student that grew up as a Christian, but quickly abandoned his belief in Jesus. Todd stresses the importance of sharing the Gospel with our children and never slowing down, always bringing to remembrance the awesome power...

America First?

Episode #2819
Are you focused on God’s kingdom or the kingdom of this world? In today’s episode, Todd reminds us of the sovereignty of God and how that alone should give us peace when the world around us seems to be crumbling.

Question: Do You Need Encouragement?

Episode #2818
In today’s episode, Todd presents questions we can ask each other that move past common colloquial greetings and dig deep into the heart as well as questions we can ask about the songs that we sing and whether they declare the full and accurate Gospel of Jesus Christ or not.

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