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God’s Tool to Help Us Get Along

Episode #2767 Questions? Comments? Conundrums? Snarks? Send them to, and you may see your email featured in an episode! Todd answers some mailbag emails in today’s episode, such as: Does Romans 14 support Postmodernism? Is it unbiblical to not want to pray in front of others? And...

Your Kids Are Smarter Than You Think

Episode #2766 Kids are NOT stupid! In today’s episode, Todd digs into Wretched’s new show “Road Trip to Truth” and shows how the youth of today are being bombarded with unbiblical worldviews that must be counteracted with the truth of the Gospel. Visit

It is Not Good That You’re Not Persecuted

Episode #2765
In today’s Witness Wednesday episode, Todd explains how it’s not a good sign if you’re not being persecuted for sharing the Gospel. The Gospel is offensive and will inevitably draw hostility. We just need to know how to respond in the right way.

Dad, You Are Crucial

Episode #2764
Dad, your position in the home is CRUCIAL! In today’s episode, Todd explains the importance of a father’s role in the home and how the way they lead and take responsibility shapes how the children learn and grow as they move into adulthood.

The Eternal Purpose Of The Human Body

Episode #2762
In this Mailbag Friday episode Todd will answer questions about our bodies eternal purpose, teaching your children the concept of substitutionary atonement, and falling asleep in church. Got questions? Send them to

10 Excuses For Not Witnessing

Episode #2760 In today’s Witness Wednesday episode, Todd continues through the lessons presented in Wretched’s resource “Terrified 2” by showing us how to get started and initiate a witness encounter and to know how to respond to common objections and questions about the...

This Universe Is Not About You

Episode #2759 In today’s episode, Todd, with the help of Dr. Steve Lawson, dives into the truths of Romans 11:36 and how we can rest because all things were created by God, for God, and through God. He orchestrates everything that happens and works everything, good and bad, for our good and...

Did You Hear The One About The Conspiracy Theories?

Episode #2758
Should Christians get wrapped up in speculation over the many conspiracy theories that are out there? In today’s episode, Todd lays out Biblical reasons for why we shouldn’t partake in the speculation and focus on more important things that further the Kingdom of God.

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