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Is Boredom a Sin?

Episode #2717 Is boredom a sin? What does the word “spirit” mean in John 4? Is it wrong for women to serve communion? These questions and more are answered in today’s mailbag episode. If you have a question, comment, conundrum or snark that you’d like featured in the show...

The World Is This Cruel

Episode #2716
In today’s episode, Todd finishes digging into our new resource “13 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide and 13 Reasons Why You Should Live” Topics include abortion, abandonment and abuse, social media, and loneliness.

Coping with Fear, Guilt and Shame

Episode #2713
More from a new resource, “13 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide” in today’s episode as Todd continues to walk through reasons why so many people get caught in the trap of depression and hopelessness and how to turn it all around.

What Does the Bible say about Public Executions?

Episode #2712 Should we bring back public executions? When you publicly criticize a teacher you disagree with, shouldn’t you talk to them privately instead? How do I know for sure whether I’m just checking the theological boxes or if I’m truly saved? Is it a sin to cut off toxic...

3 Reasons People are Suicidal

Episode 2711
In today’s episode, Todd goes through the new resource “13 Reasons Why You Should Not Commit Suicide” and seeks to give hope to those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Focus, Christian!

Episode 2710
What is the point of evangelism? Although we know the point should be sharing the gospel, it’s very easy to get off-track while witnessing. Todd brings back some open-air preaching at the University of Georgia to remind us that the point of evangelism is always the Gospel.

Don’t Be Like Charlie Brown

Episode #2709 Ever since the fall of man, our brains haven’t been wired properly and our emotions get the best of us. This can lead to serious issues like depression, anxiety, and suicide. What the world offers won’t ease the suffering; only the Word of God has that kind of of...

Why Doesn’t Everyone See Things My Way?

Episode #2708 How should we respond to people who think differently on certain issues than we do? We must respond with love and patience. In today’s episode, Todd uses Coronavirus and issues and experiences within the church to outline what can impact someone’s opinion on an issue and...

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