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How Did Evangelicalism Become The Circus It Is?

How Did Evangelicalism Become The Circus It Is? | Episode 2856 Recent history show us how fundamental evangelicalism was slowly taken over by modern evangelicalism. Phil Johnson gives us a brief tour of evangelical history from the 1850s to today. Neo evangelicalism has commandeered paleo classic...

This Could Change The Nation

This Could Change The Nation | Wretched TV Episode 2855 Can you imagine what kind of impact it would have if 500 open air preachers hit the streets twice a week? Todd shares 10 ways that this would impact the culture in a very positive way. Furthermore, this list from Steve McCoy’s blog shows...

How To Experience Heaven Now

How to Experience Heaven Now | Wretched TV Episode 2854 On this episode of Wretched TV, Todd examines the reality that is normative for Christians, and how we can have hope if we take the time to plumb the depths of scripture for God’s promises. Dr. Stephen Yuille from the Association of...

The Blessings Of Obedience

The Blessings of Obedience | Wretched TV Episode 2853
Todd discusses being obedient to God, specifically in His calling to evangelize. Michael Fabarez gives some shocking statistics about sharing the Gospel with others. Ultimately we as Christians must be obedient to God and share our faith.

Submitting To An Unsaved Husband

Episode #2852 Is it wrong to flee persecution to protect your family? Can Christians in this day and age cast out demons? What are some issues that need to be worked out between a man and woman before they get married? Should a saved woman still submit to her unsaved husband? In today’s...

What Your Fears Reveal About Your Heart

Episode #2851 Wrapping up our series going through “Persecution”, Todd continues to explore the very real possibility of being persecuted for Christian faith. Are you prepared? You can get your free copy of “Persecution” – no strings attached – at wretched...

The Forbidden Chapter Of The Bible

Episode #2850 Todd discusses the chapter of the Bible that is hidden by many Jewish rabbis, Isaiah 53. Isaiah 53 is a prophecy 700 years before Christ that describes the Messiah in a way that makes it undeniably talking about Jesus. A young man shows this “hidden chapter” to many Jewish...

How To Have Hope

Episode #2849 With the help of Dr. Stephen Yuille, Todd encourages believers to look to the cross, which reveals the measure of God’s love. So many people today are dealing with hopelessness – biblical counseling provides the remedy for emotional issues! When our circumstances are...

Stop Reading Your Bible

Episode #2848
Stop reading your Bible! In today’s episode, Todd shows us how to dig deep into the historical and cultural context of the Bible so that we can have even more clarity and understanding when we open up our Bibles.

Should Christians Watch Netflix?

Episode #2847
On today’s mailbag episode, Todd answers some tough questions, such as: should Christians subscribe to Netflix? What is the biblical definition of marriage? If you have a question you’d like us to answer, send an email to