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The Best Thing You Can Possess

-Episode 2571- God wants something greater for us: Holiness. Those who are not pursuing holiness are not true believers: sanctification is the lifelong pursuit of holiness. Sanctification is not an either-or, it is a both-and: your Christian life is defined by what you do AND what you don’t...

Make Them Wish God Existed

-Episode 2570-
Witness Wednesday! Todd begins a new thought experiment to use while preaching the gospel, based on some writings by Blaise Pascal. He tests this out on students at GSU – do you see any benefits to presenting the gospel in this way?

Is God Furious?

-Episode 2569- Do you think of God as angry? This episode discusses God’s emotions – does God have emotional responses to our actions? Remember that God does have anger, but we should not think of Him as solely an angry God – He would rather achieve glory by saving us from His...

Stop Shaming These Women

-Episode 2568- Why does the Church esteem certain roles while looking down on others? Even Paul in prison did not tell Onesimus to reject the system he was in, but to improve his heart within his role. We need to be encouraging one another, and not conforming to the world’s system that says...

Sorry, We Don’t Feel the Presence of God

-Episode 2702- Is it Biblical to pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit? Does it matter where or with whom you partake in communion? How should Christians respond to the gender pronoun debate? Is it Biblical to call my wife “a good wife”? Todd digs into the mailbag to answer your...

Responding to the Problem of Evil

-Episode 2700-
Atheists love to throw around the argument of why a good God would allow evil in the world. In today’s Witness Wednesday episode, Todd brings back some open-air preaching and shows us how he responded to the issue of evil.

The Most Comforting Book of the Bible

-Episode 2699- We should be reading God’s Word so that we can know Him, be conformed into His image, be convicted of sin, and receive His comfort. In today’s episode, Todd, with the help of Voddie Baucham, shows us how the book of Revelation is a great book to read for all four of those...

Why You Get Embarrassed

  -Episode 2698- One of the easiest sins to fall into is the need for the approval of people: it can easily become an idol in our lives if we seek their approval more than God’s approval. In today’s episode, Todd outlines some ways we can spot whether we have a fear of man issue...

Covenantalism vs. Dispensationalism

-Episode 2697-
Do covenantal and dispensational theologies matter when looking for a new church? How do I leave a church that I realize is not theologically sound? Should I read the Bible once or twice a year? Todd answers these questions from the mailbag in today’s episode.

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