Wretched Radio | Air Date: January 4, 2022

Segment 1

We have nothing to fear…but God Himself.

With the proper perspective you won’t get shaky when reading and watching the daily news.

There are all kinds of fear mongers out there. Some real and some not.

Segment 2

Scientism is a religion that’s alive and well.

Where does the transhumanism worldview come from?

Today, science is considered divine with a laboratory being considered god.

Have we read about this anywhere in the Bible?

Should we live in fear that machines will replace humans?

Segment 3

A look at Safely Home by Randy Alcorn

Is there any benefit in reading fiction?

Todd read Safely Home 25-years ago and wept as he read the book.

You will read and learn about the Church in China and gain a new perspective.

Segment 4

You Can’t Write This Stuff

  1. A Lutheran LGBTQ Ministry suspends a “Trans Identified” Bishop over racial allegations.
  2. “Dragged to Church” the Christmas Drag Show
  3. NY Governor declares racism a health crisis while withholding Covid treatment from white people.

And more…


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