Wretched Radio | Air Date: January 3rd, 2022

Segment 1

What is your strategy for sharing the gospel?

The Apostle Paul reasoned with the people, however, reasoning then wasn’t what we consider reasoning today.

Segment 2

Christmas is the time where we see pastors who have zero clue about the Gospel.

God gave specific instructions on how to build the temple because God cares about how He is worshipped – Exodus 40.

Do you want life to make more sense? Do you want things to be less painful? Stare past the world and study the glory of Jesus and you will be changed.

Segment 3

PBS aired the Christmas version of Charlie Brown. As a result, the Gospel was heard.

A lot of Christmas services, talked more about living a better life than about Christ being born as Savior.

Why would we not want to hear the story of Jesus’ birth at Christmas?

Segment 4

We are giving away some books!

  1. “Scoffers” by Simon Turpin
  2. “Creation to Babel” by Ken Ham

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