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Wretched Radio | Air Date: May 26, 2022

Segment 1

How long, after the horrible event in Texas, did it take for the crypt be for gun control?

Why can’t we stop for a moment and experience tragedy?

The President initially said things that were appropriate, then quickly started blaspheming.

Eight Radical Changes in Culture

  1. Change of Family
  2. We are a culture of violence
  3. We are a culture of death
  4. Parents not involved
  5. We live in a fame seeking culture
  6. Social Media
  7. We are a post Christian nation
  8. Psychotropic Medications

Segment 2

Why are we seeing a proliferation of mass shootings of little children?

When our culture doesn’t esteem life, what do we expect the result to be?

We have an increase in uptake inhibitors.

Search mass shootings and psychotropic medications and you’ll be surprised with the results.

More than 30 studies link psychotropic drugs to suicidal thoughts. One study links 90% of mass shootings to SSRIs.

Have you heard anyone talking about this? Could it be that psychotropics are part of the problem?

Withdrawal side effects:

  1. Increased Anxiety
  2. Deep personalization
  3. Paranoid thoughts
  4. Increased irritability

Segment 3

Pharmaceutical companies assign the label “anti-depressant” to medication as a ploy.

Chemical imbalances in the brain is a false construct.

Millions of people take these psychotropic drugs unaware of the effects.

Chemical imbalance was a creation of pharmaceutical companies with no truth behind it.

There are no known genetic links in depression. Psychiatrists regularly lie to their patients regarding chemical imbalance.

Why do we see so many secular psychiatrists promoting drugs?

What is the success rate of psychotropics?

Segment 4

Do psychotropics work?

Science shows psychotropics are linked to those responsible for many mass shootings.

Do we have definitive knowledge that these medications do what they claim?

We do know the side effects typically present themselves in most, if not all of those who take them.

Ritalin can easily be considered “kiddie cocaine.” Adderall is a synthetic version of meth.

Can we wake up as a culture?

If antidepressants were as effective as they claim to be, depression should be almost nonexistent today.

1-10 Americans today take psychotropics.

SSRIs are designed to alter you, not heal you. SSRIs are emotional blunting.

These drugs are not healing agents. They create abnormalities in the nervous system.


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