Wretched Radio | Air Date: December 27, 2021

Segment 1

What is going on dudes?

Judaism and Islam have more men attending services than Christianity.

Christian radio stations program are catering more and more things towards women.

Christian church attendance are dominated more by women than men.

Why is this happening? Let’s hear from Nancy Pearcy’s book Total Truth.

Segment 2

Studying the past can help us understand the present.

We can understand why Evangelical Christianity is what it is today – an emotions driven movement.

Let’s go back to the Great Awakenings.

The established church were the first to drift into liberalism.

Segment 3

While history isn’t infallible, nevertheless it can be helpful.

Our children will not feel a connection to christian history if we do not teach it to them.

History is Christocentric.

Segment 4

Who knew soteriology had so much to do with history?

The Great Awakenings were radical because they insisted on a person being Born Again.

We need to remember that conversion is necessary to have the mind of Christ.

Mainline Protestantism says that people can rationalize their way into the Kingdom.


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