Wretched Radio | Air Date: December 28, 2021

Segment 1 

Have you ever heard of “Stay at home Dads”?

Let’s continue our history lesson from Total Truth by Nancy Pearcy.

The Second Great Awakening was aimed directly at women. The Church became increasingly populated by women, which is a trend that continues today.

A key turning point in America, specifically household roles, was the Industrial Revolution.

Segment 2 

Perhaps we do well to study history. How did we get where we are today?

During the colonial times, family units functioned together.

Segment 3 

How did we get to the place where dads are not esteemed as the spiritual leader of their households, instead dads are portrayed as dummies today.

Segment 4

How did dad’s become so dithering?

The Industrial Revolution sent dads off to work and it became socially acceptable for fathers to become nothing more than entertainers in the home.

Churches during the Industrial Revolution did not know how to figure it out.


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