Arrested For Reading The Bible| Wretched Episode 2916

Arrest for the Bible

People are being arrested for reading the Bible. In this episode we talk about a 71-year-old open air preacher in England. This preacher was talking about how God believes in science (regarding biological men and women.) -He was arrested for “hate speech.”  Look at this event in light of two events in English history, the protestant reformation and the studying of the protestant heritage from “On the Shoulders of Giants.” See a clip on John Bunyan, who was arrested for teaching the Bible.

The Church Persecuted Throughout History

Next, we’re reading up on our English history from the protestant reformation. It is built upon the “dissenters” like John Bunyan.  See how Wycliff relates to events 700 years later and a 71 year old preacher being arrested for reading Genesis 1. Then, discuss the “heroes” of the protestant faith as well as the reign of “bloody Mary.”

Why Be Persecuted?

Then, explore why men like Bunyan allowed himself to be imprisoned, when he could have just walked out. Why would Wycliffe be banished, when he could have just “given up”?

Finally, can a man witness to a group of zombies in less than two minutes? Don’t be intimidated witnessing to “a zombie.” You can witness the entire gospel in less than 2 minutes.

More Resources

This season we are all going to be blessed with waves of children coming up to our doors. With our resource, evangelism could not be easier. Get Don’t Stub Your Toe for someone’s Halloween basket.



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