How To Love Liberals | Wretched TV Episode 2887

Todd answers a question from a viewer who struggles with feelings of strong dislike for people on the far-left. Though we may have righteous indignation toward those who are enemies of God and are trying to do harm, we are called to not seek revenge or retaliate. God is angry at the wicked, and yet He is kind to them. We are called to love our enemies. We should hate evil behavior, and yet, we are called to see people as the harvest field. The Gospel reminds us that these people are lost, and they need to hear the gospel. Todd says how we react to seeing the news is up to us. We have to be careful with our emotions, and need to love far-left people because we see them as we once were, lost.

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More questions from this Mailbag episode:

  • Is it okay to be deceitful for the sake of Bible distribution where it is prohibited?
  • Should married women in the church ask questions to the elders or pastors, or should they only ask their husbands?
  • If Jesus’ execution and the wrath of God that He bore in my place covered all my sins, how come we still die?


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