Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils | Episode 2906

In this episode, Todd helps walk through how christians form a biblical worldview towards politicians. He calls us to consider the paradigm we use when voting. Todd goes forward looking at texts such as Deuteronomy 17:16, which warns against kings putting their trust in armies rather than God. Todd also acknowledges that the OT also warns kings of being too proud.

Next, we look to uncover if the Gospel speak to issues in the political realm. Todd examines verses such as Romans 5:10 which says that non-christians are enemies of God. This should factor in to voting. This does not mean we should not expect non-christians to be godly. Todd also point out that The political realm is not equivalent to the eternal. We should harvest principles when selecting a godly leader in the Church and prefer  those qualities in other realms of authorities. However, they are not the same thing.

Next Todd, asks us to consider how our voting affects our testimony. “If I vote for a wicked, but competent man, will it affect my testimony?” Yes. Still, motives are important. Identifying with a political party causes people belonging to the opposing party to automatically have some animosity towards you. This does not mean we need to change parties. Instead, we simply need to use caution in how strongly we identify with a party, as opposed to our Lord.

Finally, we are giving a free segment of our book Face to Face in Show. Enjoy this tool which teaches christians to speak God’s language back to Him. Face to Face in show. Segment of “adoration” from book. Psalm 8:1, and Revelation 15:3-4. Use Face to Face to speak God’s language back to Him.

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