You And Your Reeking Pride

Episode #2729
Pride is the foundation of all sin and we all struggle with it. In today’s episode, Todd outlines many ways in which pride rears its ugly head and, with the help of John MacArthur, shows us from the Word of God how to combat our pride.

Are You a Practical Pagan?

Episode #2728 The Scripture is always sufficient. We don’t need to add anything else to it to make it more relatable or interesting. When it comes to human experience especially, the Scripture has all the answers. The answers aren’t found in how we feel at any given time. We don’t...

Should We Scare People Into Heaven?

Episode #2727
In today’s mailbag episode, Todd answers YOUR questions! Such as: Should I be scaring people into salvation? What is the point of Jesus judging everyone if we all go straight to Heaven or Hell? and if Jeremiah 29:11 was just written for the Jews, why was Romans written to us?

Healing The Racial Divide

Episode #2726
Racism has been a problem since the fall of man. The only solution to this problem is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In today’s episode, Todd addresses how the Gospel is the only way to bring about social change.

If You’re Not Comfortable in Your Christian Skin

Episode #2724 How can you know for sure whether you are truly saved or not? Today’s episode is all about securing your assurance of salvation and understanding that it’s “by grace we are saved through faith.” We can do nothing in and of ourselves to secure our salvation...

If You Are a List-Keeping Christian

Episode #2723 Do you suffer from “Not Enough Disease”? Many Christians fall into the trap of believing they aren’t truly saved because they think they don’t do “enough” for God. In today’s episode, Todd presents to us the cure for “Not Enough...

When is a Lie a Lie?

Episode #2722
Today’s co-host is…you! Todd answers questions sent in to, such as: is it a sin to deceive someone who is intentionally trying to harm you? And are the red letters in the Bible more important than the black letters?

Why Hell is Reasonable

Episode #2721
Did you know that the existence of eternal torment in Hell actually glorifies God? In today’s episode, Todd gives examples of how even a place like Hell always points back to Christ and how it is reasonable to believe this truth.